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Pet Allergies

When it comes to pet allergies it can be dog allergies or cat allergies. Many people suffer from allergy from their favorite animal. The symptoms can range for rashes, swelling and reddening of the skin, itchy and runny nose or constant sneezing. To diagnose pet allergies a simple skin-prick test can determine what allergen is causing the attack.  

Many people who have dog allergy are actually allergic to the dog’s saliva. Dogs often groom themselves by licking their fur and skin, thus depositing dog saliva antigens that become airborne when day. It often spreads on your clothes when you play and hug your dog or on the furniture and carpet when the dog is allow inside the household.

The same goes with cat allergy, many people have an allergic reaction to the cat’s saliva. Cats groom themselves also by licking it fur and skin, hence depositing its saliva on it fur. When the saliva dries it leaves behind the protein antigen that is the source of allergy to cats. These allergens (cat saliva antigens) are very light in weight and are easily aerosolized. Once airborne, the antigen is carry through the air and gets attached to you clothes, furniture, carpet or any other household items.  

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